We didn’t reinvent the wheel—just the wheel performance industry.

Innovation spans more than six decades of product R&D at Pennsylvania-based manufacturer IMI. As the company developed the next evolution of their wheel-end balancing compound, IMI called on Merit to build a brand position that would propel sales of its compound. However, though competitive research and customer insights, we saw an opening in the market to take the company beyond a manufacturer of iconic products to a position of total ownership of tire and wheel performance industry.

Market Reality

Prior to the engagement, manufacturers of fleet tire and wheel accessories competed for shares of the market one product at a time. For IMI, those products included wheel-end balancing, wheel refinishing, loose lug-nut indication, and tire sealant. We challenged this model by challenging the great divide in the industry between product equity and brand equity.

Market Opportunity

Our partnership provided insights from research and strategy to unify messaging, creative and digital campaigns around one name, one company, one purpose, and one personality. By understanding the competitive landscape and its silos, we turned market insights into opportunities to differentiate IMI.

Invention Strategy

We crafted a new narrative and visual presence to unify IMI’s product offering under one brand with the intent of creating more meaningful dialogue between the brand and its customers: fleet operators, fleet owners, commercial tire dealers, distributors, and industry tradespeople.


Research & Strategy

Engaging an Intricate Ecosystem

We collaborated with IMI to lend insights for the brand through competitive analysis, stakeholder focus groups, brand workshops, and contextual and remote customer interviews, to name a few.


Unifying an Iconic System of Products

We crafted a story that evoked the essence of IMI’s brand and built expressions of the identity to reach customers on the channels that mattered most: digital, advertising, and social.


Creating a Platform to Spread the Word

We architected strategic communications to extend the brand into IMI’s product marketing, media relations, sales support, and industry trade presence.

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Adam Vasquez

What is Market Invention?

It's the new era of marketing.
Market Invention is the process of creating and maintaining market dominance by leveraging insight, purpose, position, and experience to establish, grow, and maintain customer and company value.

Denise Kohnke
COVID-19 CEO Survey

Back when COVID-19 was in its diabolical toddlerhood, circa May 2020, Merit asked CEOs from a diverse pool of sectors about their perceptions of COVID-19, and how they were tangibly handling its impact. These were not P&G, Google, General Motors CEOs, but CEOs of arguably the most important strata in the U.S. economy: small to medium-sized.

Denise Kohnke

CEO Influenza?

If our CEO survey is any indication, the “can-do” spirit is still alive and well. As cultural Venn diagrams representing now and the near future collide – COVID, FLU, ELECTION, BLM – resiliency seems to be many CEO’s medicine du jour.

Adam Vasquez
The Confidence Market

Thanks to COVID-19, we're all relearning how to do the things we were once experts at. We’re relearning our relationships and how we interact. We’re relearning how to be a customer, teacher, CEO, marketer, sales executive, investor, ect. And with everything happening so fast, the relearning curve is extra steep.

Denise Kohnke


What might be the hardest part of being a leader? The expectation of fearlessness, as in the whole “fearless leader” facade. Crushing, isn’t it?

Denise Kohnke


Everyone defaults to denial at some point. It’s the brain’s way of lining up all of our implicit biases and testing them against harsh realities. Ironically, it’s because we’re trying to make sense of things with mental shortcuts. Now, in the time of COVID-19, as we all feel the need to move fast, CEOs might want to be especially mindful of biases, especially the biases that support denial and impede invention during crisis.

Denise Kohnke
COGNITIVELY COVID: The CEO Guide to Acting Fast

You’ve likely heard the term “first movers” in the context of new sector growth. Moving first to take advantage of opportunistic pathways thanks to COVID-19 is almost a new sector unto itself. One website we love, CovidInnovations.com, is a global gathering of hundreds of new products, new apps, new wrinkles to existing services all in the name of the new world.

Adam Vasquez

The 10 Truths of the COVID-19 CEO

In the midst of loosening lockdowns and tightening restrictions, dropping infection rates and second waves, CEOs must adjust to new truths in changed industries. During many conversations with my peers, a few of those truths have surfaced time and again.

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